Tiffany McEntee Photography, LLC
New Orleans (West Bank)

Bio: I am a lover of making memories and grabbing moments that you can reflect on for years to come. I specialize in natural light and event photography. I am a mom of 2 boys and partner to my love, Tommy. Working full time for an awesome company all the while pursuing my love of photography and learning more every year as I go.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tiffany how can I view the picture of my daughter and myself from the St Catherine Mother Daughter Tea? Didn’t see it on your website or face book


    • Hi, Tracy! WordPress is giving me some issues when I’ve tried to upload. I am still posting photos from the St Catherine event, so I likely haven’t posted yours yet if you didn’t see it. If you look on my Facebook photography page timeline you will see a shootproof link up with sample images.

      You will receive a print from Denise Douglass who was my contact for your event.

      She has the photos, I’m not sure of an exact date she plans on getting those out to everyone.

      Thank you!


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